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Welcome to Fortune Bamboo

        Bamboo is not a wood, it is a grass. Unlike a tree which can take decades to grow to maturity, bamboo is ready to harvest within 4 to 5 years. This fast growth allows for controlled harvesting of a resource, This sharply contrasts the devastation that conventional logging currently has on our forests.

Why bamboo instead of wood?

    Bamboo flooring is not only ecologically sound, but remarkably beautiful and elegant.
    Bamboo is also extremely durable. It is up to 34% harder than red oak and up to 15% harder than maple. Structurally it is 50% more stable than red oak.
    Bamboo is naturally more impervious to moisture than wood. It does not shrink or swell as much as wood
    Bamboo also takes stain as evenly as oak, which allows the staining of the unfinished bamboo to any desired color.
    Bamboo is easy to install, you install it the same way as a wood floor, either directly glued or nailed down. Cleaning your bamboo floor is a breeze, just vacuum or dust with a damp mop.

    Bamboo is at a price that is truly affordable!
    At Fortune Bamboo, we dedicate ourselves to producing premium quality bamboo products, We have the technology to harness this natural strength and beauty into our Fortune Bamboo products, and bring it right into your home.
    Now you and your family can enjoy the beauty of nature in your home while doing your part to help preserve the natural environment.